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Unlike other healthcare marketing firms, Jump Company is an agency of creatives and problem solvers. We don’t make off-the-shelf packages or put our approach on autopilot. We’re always evolving (just like the healthcare industry) in order to make your marketing dollars go further.

We drive 5X more AEP leads

Jump developed an omnichannel campaign that grabbed attention, engaged prospects and generated 5x more AEP leads (and 22% more marketing-based enrollments) year over year. And best of all, we did it through optimization – not increasing budgets.


We reinvent Age-In marketing

As people age into Medicare, how are you reaching them? Are you engaging them? We meet people where they are with the right message at the right time. This has resulted in an average MEMBERSHIP GROWTH OF 10% in three years. And we did it using more than direct mail.

We make media dollars go further

Last year alone, we brought down the cost per lead by 30%. When clients leverage our in-house media team, we make their money go further through improved targeting, relevant creative and ongoing optimization.



more leads YOY



increase in marketing enrollments



more web sessions



more email responses

The secret is our process:

Insights & Strategy

We dig into research data to better understand your audiences and markets. We also leverage data to strategize ways to cut through the clutter and drive sustainable results.

In-House Production

Our in-house production allows us to develop an omnichannel approach to our customer journeys. These journeys include video, social, email and more – all working together as one.

Media Optimization

While compliance and AEP can make it difficult to optimize, we never set it and forget it. We have found ways to optimize in real time and ensure we learn and improve every year.

Some nice things said by our clients

We have an aggressive growth expectation. Jump partnered with us to launch an innovative brand in recent years that helped our organization grow by several thousand members.

Jana P.
VP, Strategy & Marketing Health Alliance

The people at Jump are smart, talented and consistently deliver results. They are also good natured, good humored, and fun to work with!

David C.
VP of Marketing Software Solutions Integrated, LLC

(A few of) our people

Our in-house team of marketing professionals includes writing, design, quality assurance, video production, media buying, digital development and more.

Brooke Howard

From broadcast television to paid search, Brooke knows how to make an impression (and that’s no reach).

Michael Baxter

With almost 20 years of experience, Michael delivers the right mix of creativity and strategy to every marketing tactic.

Megan Lillie

Megan makes it happen. She ensures client needs are met, deadlines are hit and the work is always flowing smoothly.

We’d like to offer you a consult

We know what you’re thinking… Don’t worry, this is NOT a “free trial” situation where the good stuff is behind a curtain. There are no upsells or limited-time offers. This is a legit analysis of your marketing tactics and actionable recommendations on how you can increase your leads.

Contact our Director of Account Services Alex Reed today to get started.

Alex Reed

Director of Account Services