O’Shea Builders

Rebranding for expansion

Harold O’Shea Builders started to expand their presence regionally and experience tremendous growth. Known for their collaborative partnerships, a commitment to always doing the right thing and helping clients accomplish their goals, Jump was tasked with evolving the brand to encompass the essence of their rare company culture.

By defining their roots

Picking up where another agency had left off, Jump conducted nimble consumer research to discover an insight-driven brand expression. O’Shea Builders – Born to Build – established an evolved, differentiated presence throughout the region.



Presenting born to build

Jump developed a brand strategy including a new brand positioning, logo identity and brand image design and launched it throughout O’Shea’s market area. The result was a new look that matched the growing company’s reputation for quality construction, innovation and professionalism.

Core deliverables
• Repositioning strategy
• Market research
• Marketing campaign
• Logo identity
• Brand design and platform
• Video content