Jump Partners with University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy

Jump Company is pleased to announce our newest partnership with University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, MO. The University is working with Jump to develop a new marketing campaign to promote the school’s recent rebrand and drive enrollment. 

“Jump has a long history partnering with educational institutions and this is perhaps the most challenging environment they have faced in the last twenty years,” said Jon Tiede, President and CEO of Jump Company. “The challenges being faced by higher education today are daunting between rising costs, enhanced competition from online sources and legislative actions. We believe that branding and positioning is vital to be able to develop a message which targets the right students so that those who enroll feel they have found the right school for them, go on to graduate and ultimately become successful in their career and dedicated alumni to their school.”

Over the course of the first-year agreement, Jump will work with the University to create omni-channel marketing materials including video, audio and online to launch and optimize an enrollment campaign targeting all programs across the University – both undergraduate and professional paths.