Memorial Health

Launching a new symbol of health

Following recent acquisitions and growth, Memorial needed help determining how they could better unify their system and modernize their brand identity. The result was Memorial Health, a name that unified five hospitals, 80+ care locations, over 10,000 colleagues and partners and countless services all under an overarching brand that represents a common mission, vision and set of values.

Across a region

Jump provided leadership and guidance for the Memorial rebrand project, including brand and logo identity, brand governance, internal and external announcement campaigns, website integration, brand campaigns and more. Launched under the overarching theme of “A New Symbol of Health”, the modernized brand.



Establishing a visual identity

The new Memorial Health brand identity features sleek, modern designs and an updated color palette. It was supported online with a new, single website destination for all Memorial Health and came to life across a new signage platform across the region.

Core deliverables
• Brand strategy
• Brand identity
• Launch campaign
• System integration
• Website integration
• Brand governance