Crafting a new brand

The world of health insurance is oversaturated, overcomplicated and extremely confusing. When Jump was tasked with developing and launching a new health insurance concept, it was important to develop a brand that stood out and was easy to understand. The result was Simplete, a patient-inspired and informed brand that introduced the notion of a simple, complete health insurance partner.

With a consumer-driven approach

Jump leveraged unique brand positioning and market data to create a strategic, cost-efficient campaign that balanced driving awareness with lead generation to help the client reach their business goals. Through clear and concise messaging and a distinctive, vibrant, colorful and energetic advertising campaign, Simplete markets outperformed comparable markets and products with higher targeted consumer conversion rates.



Simple. Complete. Simplete.

Jump developed the Simplete brand from the ground up, beginning with consumer research to create brand naming, logo, identity and positioning. Those elements were then carried into campaigns for both small group and Medicare product lines.

Core deliverables
• Naming and identity design
• Consumer research
• Brand strategy
• Advertising
• Performance marketing