Medicare Advantage Age-In Campaign

The nurturing window

It often takes someone a couple months — or even years — to commit to a Medicare enrollment decision. This includes research and weighing options with friends, family and industry professionals. Most seniors can enroll in a Medicare plan three months before they turn 65.

Omnichannel targeting

To educate, nurture and convert our target market, Jump developed and optimized a strategic omnichannel content campaign over a 15-month time frame. Content aligned with the market’s mindset, interests and age. The strategy included webinars, lead magnet PDFs, enrollment tips and plan comparisons to encourage audience engagement. This campaign focused on courting prospects slowly, introducing them to the market and then to the brand.

Pathways to conversion

This campaign led to higher response and enrollment rates while also driving over 68% of individuals to enroll before they turned 65. We doubled Annual Enrollment Period conversion rates. Year-over-year, this on-ramp approach to enrollment continued improving, driving leads, increasing enrollments and lowering cost per lead across channels.

Core deliverables
• Native infeed
• Paid search
• Social ads
• Lead magnet PDF
• 8-touch direct mail journey
• 12-touch email journey
• Landing pages