University of the Ozarks

Embodying a distinctive mission

University of the Ozarks saw their students’ transformation firsthand, but struggled to define it. The result was recruitment marketing that tried to be everything for everyone with enrollment and retention numbers dwindling because of it. After market research and persona development, Jump helped the client uncover and articulate the “secret” to the university’s transformative abilities.

To appeal to the right students

This realization resulted in a brand promise that better embodied their mission — University of the Ozarks helps all students, regardless of their limitations, find the courage to pursue their dreams. Equipped with a new brand positioning, logo identity and promotional plan, University of the Ozarks’ enrollment climbed 20% in a single year.



Cascading across campus

Informed by market research including student, community and stakeholder interviews, the new brand strategy, identity and positioning then translated everywhere across campus and beyond, from recruitment materials to team uniforms.

Core deliverables
• Brand strategy
• Stakeholder research
• Updated logo identity
• Athletics identity design
• Enrollment marketing
• Collateral and signage